Celebrating the Fourth of July in South Africa

I realize I’m a bit tardy with this post. I was going to write it “just now” about a month ago.

You know I’ve been helping a township baseball team raise funds for new equipment, and I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to promote their cause. Just such an opportunity arrived when I was approached by the American Society of South Africa about putting up a booth and running some baseball games for the 4th of July bash at the American embassy in Pretoria.

Unfortunately I was away that week, so all I  had time for was putting together a very last-minute poster and organizing transport.


Tedius took a small group of players to represent the team and help run the booth. It was a good way to get the word out that there is indeed baseball in South Africa (we’ll post a schedule as soon as the new season starts), and I think great fun (and good food) was had by all.


Our boys’ old batting stick getting a lot of use


Nice backdrop for warm-ups


Both flags are honored


Can’t have a Fourth of July without a bike parade, even if it’s in South Africa
I was going to say “hot dogs and apple pie” but it looks more like  “hot dogs and “Budweiser” for this group of Alexandra baseball players




Thanks to Christal with the American Society for the invitation, and thanks to Tedius for taking these pictures, which succeeded in making me just a tad homesick for the USA.

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