Going to the Bank in South Africa

I had some Euros from a recent trip to Germany to put into our South African account, so I thought I’d swing by the bank quickly on my round of errands. But of course I should have known better. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure if I’d just bought a house.

Documents I needed:

  • 2-page form filled in with all my details
  • my passport with the visa page (at least by now I know to bring that with me on such occasions)
  • affidavit that I don’t own any foreign assets that I’m planning to sell here (?)

Time I spent:

  • 30 minutes

It was mostly spent watching the guy retyping the entire form I completed, copying my passport – by now our bank must have at least 25 copies of it floating around – printing out a series of receipts and then energetically stamping all of them before filing everything away and handing me my own copy.

And the fee was horrendous. It  now occurs to me that I should have held on to those Euros. They always come in handy when paying equally horrendous visa fees in other African countries. Oh well.

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