Is There a Subway in South Africa?

One of the first questions Zax asked when we knew we were moving to South Africa was if there was a Subway there. And no, he didn’t mean for transportation. He meant the kind where you can eat – in his opinion, the world’s best – subs. I’m kind of partial to Jersey Mike’s (couldn’t get enough of the #13 when I was pregnant), but that’s just me. Everyone else in my family insists that I’m insane.

In any case, I wasn’t expecting either of them here, so imagine my surprise when we discovered a Subway at O.R. Tambo International. And another one at the airport in Cape Town. In fact, according to the company website, there are 16 Subways in South Africa. Which is actually quite a feat on Subway’s part, if you consider that the only other American fast food franchises you will find here are McDonald’s and KFC. Add Wimpy and Nando Chicken, and that’s your entire South African fast food scene right there. By the way, you might occasionally have to stretch the meaning of “fast.”

Maybe they should call it “Now-now food” instead.

Zax and Noisette browsing the Subway offer at O.R. Tambo

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