Looking for a Handcrafted Kindle Cover?

Sunshine with her new Kindle bag

Our youngest daughter Sunshine is extremely lucky in that she has found a best friend who lives three houses down the road. She probably spends more time there than here, and frequently comes home with the most beautiful hand-made items bestowed on her by this loving family, who are also in the business of performing a kind of magic using fabric that I could never replicate.

In fact, when we first moved here and were looking at the approaching winter, I discovered with horror that there was a gap under our front door a small cat could squeeze through, let alone megatons of cold air. When I picked Sunshine up from one of her first playdates with this friend, I noticed several long sausage-type structures placed in front of their doors. I barely had inquired about this when I was sent home with a custom-made sandbag for our house.



Since then Sunshine has been the recipient of a steady stream of beautifully crafted gifts, from hats to cheer-leading outfits and dolls. But the crowning achievement must be this beautiful Kindle messenger bag – not technically a cover, she already had one of those – but a place to stick her Kindle when we’re going out and about.



When I thanked my friend for the beautiful gift, I learned that she now actually has an online shop where you can buy (and custom order) these gifts, all made from quality materials and with excellent workmanship. Shipping to both the U.S. and within South Africa is available. Please check out Wishfull Thinking – the perfect place if you’re decorating a child’s room or need a new baby gift.

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