My 7 Links – A Blog History Project

During the last few weeks I’ve seen these “7 Links Blog Awards” floating through the blogosphere and I have to say it made for some very good reading to see the best of the best of other expat writings. Thanks to fellow Joburg blogger 2summers (whose own 7 links make for excellent reading for any prospective expat moving to South Africa; or really for excellent reading period) I’ve now been nominated to select my own 7 links. Trust me, it took quite some time to go through my entire blog’s history to find the most fitting ones, and the selection was quite hard. But it was also a great exercise to better understand my own blog.

My Most Beautiful Post

This was quite hard, because as a writer you tend to think all your writing is beautiful. But it is easiest to write a beautiful story about a beautiful topic, so I have to give my vote to Giving Hope at New Jerusalem. Incredibly, it has received no comments as of yet, which I hope will change by highlighting it here. I had approached the project a bit like a real reporter and I think the article came out well, except of course my blog was the only place it was published.

My Most Popular Post

This was the easiest one to select. Both Blogger and Google Analytics tell me that Your Kindle in South Africa comes out tops in terms of page views. I put quite a bit of research into some of my posts, and I’m glad  when they reach their intended audience. And wouldn’t you know it, I just realized that my links back to Amazon actually resulted in some Kindle sales so that my advertising revenue (my only advertising revenue from this blog) is approaching a whopping $20! So it’s also my most lucrative post.

My Most Controversial Post

I don’t seem to have raised much controversy with my writing yet because I think my blog is still pretty much flying under the radar. The only outrage I seem to have provoked is that of an animal lover with my tongue-in-cheek post about Egyptian geese and that of a gentleman who insisted there are no cows roaming South African roads. But for here I will pick the post that I thought would be a bit controversial, because in it I talk about the class struggle in South Africa, and I also talk about my frustrations when Africans in government positions answer the phone. If not controversy, maybe I can at least elicit some comments this time around for Education – An Example of the Class Struggle in South Africa.

My Most Helpful Post

I tend to think all my Expat Tips are helpful in one way or another. I’ll pick Moving Checklist because it is the one I would have most liked to have read before moving to South Africa.

My Most Surprisingly Successful Post

Judging by the number of pageviews, Weaver Bird Nests (How Men can Never Get it Right) was surprisingly successful. It’s funny how you never know what will spark people’s interest. There must be lots of folks out there researching weaver birds. I doubt it ever brought many regular readers to my blog, although I do think it is a nice story about South Africa.

My Most Underrated Post

For this I’m going to nominate another one of my early posts, The Life of a Domestic Worker, which also didn’t get any comments. I like it because it highlights an aspect of South Africa most people won’t actually get to see. At the time I wasn’t too thrilled to traipse through a succession of hardware stores with my maid, but my little excursion into her life is one of the lasting memories I will take with me from South Africa.

Post I’m Most Proud of

I’m not so much proud of this post as much as I’m proud of what it has accomplished. Baseball in the Heart of a Vibrant Township, thanks in no small measure to the help of fellow-blogger Bing and her Singapore readership, has led to my raising $2277 or over R16,000, which I’ve been able to funnel back into the township of Alexandra in the form of baseball equipment to aid underprivileged kids play the game I love.

Okay, time to pass on the buck and nominate others for the 7-links award (and make them spend hours digging through their own blog!):

The Story of Bing: I’ve learned a lot about blogging from Bing and look forward to her daily insights in my email inbox every morning. She’s a fellow expat in Joburg but has a lot more blogging history to wade through. I can’t wait to see what she unearths with her 7 links.

janeyfromjoburg: This is a blog I just recently started following. It is very well written and also focuses on life in Johannesburg, but through local instead of expat eyes. I am eager to read some more of Janey’s older stories.

In Joburg – living on the rand: To keep everything within the Joburg family, this is also an entertaining blog about life in Johannesburg, as seen from yet another perspective. I especially love the photography.

I can’t wait what you guys turn up. Thanks again to 2summers for thinking of me:-)

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