Skiing in Johannesburg

Yep, you read that one right. There is in effect a place where you can go skiing and snowboarding right here in Joburg, even if there is no snow. That place is called Avalanche.

It’s located in Cedar Square, not far from Dainfern/Fourways, and I got to check it out during Impatience’s recent birthday party, although unfortunately I forgot my camera that day and therefore don’t have many pictures to show.



The surface is plastic, like a very strong-bristled carpet, slightly moistened by a fine mist of water that’s sprayed from underneath. The speeds you achieve are actually very nice, even though of course you won’t find yourself in the Rocky Mountains. There is a rope on the left side which you can use to walk back up more easily, though it’s not quite a magic carpet. Which I thought was just right for a sugar-loaded birthday party with lots of accumulated energy to get rid of.



Most visitors opt for the tubes, but you can also ski or ride snowboards (call ahead for the schedule). All equipment is available for rental. You can also take lessons with an instructor. All in all a very nice outing for an afternoon, and a welcome break from your more typical African adventures such as safaris and canopy tours.


This article is part of Joburg Expat’s What To Do in Joburg series.

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