Blowin’ in the Wind

After berating American energy consumption in one of my recent posts, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is (a little bit). I have taken to hanging the laundry up to dry.

The good news is, hanging up your laundry is allowed here. In fact, most houses already come equipped with a special contraption dedicated to that very task. So you won’t have any hassles with an onerous neighborhood association that might disapprove of such a lowly display, as is entirely possible when you’re living in any upscale American neighborhood.

Hanging my laundry takes just a little bit longer than putting it in the dryer and it gives me immense joy to see it dry within two hours in what has to be the world’s non-humidest air (judging from the state of my skin). You basically hang up the clothes, go have some coffee, and they’re ready to take down again. Not that you have to this time of year, since it never rains here from May to October (this year, the rain actually started early with an unexpected but welcome rainstorm last Tuesday, at the middle of September).

Granted, some things just have to go into the dryer (or you might as well employ a wooden board to towel yourself dry after a shower). And without domestic help and the magic of somebody ironing our clothes I probably would not last long with this new regimen, but for now this works perfectly. I wash and hang on her off days, and she irons when she comes.

Now I just have to figure out how much electricity it is that I’m not using, so that I can go and buy some skincare products from the savings.

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