Call to All Local Bloggers and Photographers!

If you’re a Joburg blogger and/or a photographer, and if you can somehow make time on Friday, September 23rd, 2011, I need your help! To find out how, please bear with me while I give you some background before I come to the point.

In my last story about Alexandra Baseball, I promised that my next post would be about what we’re actually doing with all the equipment we’ve collected thus far.


First of all, we let the existing players select what they most urgently needed. Everyone was very grateful to replace their hole-riddled pants or to perhaps even get a first real pair of baseball pants. There was a new outfit for the team’s catcher, and several speeches were made to thank me (and the absent donors) for our help. I was very impressed with the speeches. I’m not sure I could get my kids to do that.


A speech by Tedius standing on the left


Then it was a player’s turn to speak

But the most exciting part of getting so many more mitts and bats is that they will help us grow township baseball in this area, from just the two teams that Alexandra currently fields to spreading it into all the township schools. Tedius and the other coaches have been tireless in working with teachers and setting up weekly clinics, and our new equipment came in very handy because each school is now able to keep their own bagful of equipment.

Which now brings me to the reason for this post. To get all these new players and schools competing against each other, they  have been invited to a preseason tournament of sorts, a Funfest with games and round-robin play, prizes, medals, and food and drink. We’re still working out the details but the party is definitely on for

Alexandra Baseball Funfest
Friday, September 23 2011
12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Altrek Sports Centre Alexandra
GPS coordinates: 26° 05’ 59’’ S, 28° 06’ 32” E

Unfortunately I will not be here to take any pictures that day, which is why I’m hoping some other local bloggers like Bing, 2Summers, or inJoburg will stop by, take pictures, and hopefully share a story on their blogs afterwards. Or maybe the Joburg Photowalkers could go as a group. It’s a great opportunity to visit Alexandra, if you haven’t been there yet, and to finally catch a baseball game again so far from home and hear that satisfying “plop” of ball hitting leather.

If anyone is interested in attending, please leave your comments here and I will get in touch with you for more information. If you miss this date, there will be other opportunities to watch the Alex players in action. Keep posted!

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