Got Container Space?

This is a call to all my American readers who’ve come across my blog because they have plans to move to South Africa in the near future. Especially those of you who’ve already booked a moving date. I’d love to have a tiny corner of your container space, if indeed you’re moving your household! Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to collect any baseball gear as no doubt you’ll be less than eager to add another project to your moving checklist. But we’ve already got equipment sitting in Wisconsin (and are continuing to collect more) that didn’t make it into an earlier shipment. It would be very easy for me to have it sent to wherever it is you’re moving from, while it is very expensive and cumbersome to ship it directly to South Africa.

If you are able to help in this way, please let me know, even if your move date is still some time out. Our friends and colleagues already know that we won’t let them come here empty-handed, whether it is that coveted bag of Starbucks beans, our latest Amazon order, or baseball equipment! And if you do happen to have any unused baseball or other sports-related gear (i.e. clothing, tennis shoes, hats, or, frankly, anything) sitting in your garage, then perhaps having it packed into your container and bringing it with you instead of having to find a place to donate it might make life easier for you while helping some underprivileged township kids a whole lot.

And not all people need container space. The Fairchild family, who recently stayed with us for one night on their way to Botswana, managed to pack this:

Fairchild and Perrin family donation

and this:

Items from my Things to Buy Before You Move to South Africa wishlist

and an entire underwater camera Noisette had ordered from Amazon which I don’t have a picture of into what in our family would be classified as carry-on luggage:


What you see there in front is all their luggage for over two weeks of vacation. I’m not sure how they accomplished this AND bringing us all those goodies above. I’m sure magic must be involved. In fact, I think they must have had Hermione’s beaded handbag.

Magic or not, we’re very grateful for all the gifts as well as the good company, even if only for one brief night. Thank you Fairchilds!

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