Diving in Mauritius

I like to think that we’ve had our fair share of adventures here in Africa, and that I personally have been fairly adventurous, but there is a line I won’t cross. Bungy jumping was the one thing I skipped (even the canopy tour was a stretch), and diving so far has been the other. I don’t like heights, and I don’t like depths, it’s that simple.

But looking at the beautiful pictures Noisette took on the boys’ most recent diving trip in Mauritius, I have to say that I’m tempted, at least a little bit. I tried the scuba equipment in the pool and admit that it’s much easier to breathe than I thought. Much easier in fact that snorkeling, where you always end up getting water into your snorkel, no matter how you approach it. If I could always stay very near the surface, I might be persuaded to go diving, though that seems to be a waste of compressed air. Plus everyone else would be¬†frolicking¬†somewhere deep below me, leaving me as much behind as if I was still sitting in my sunny beach chair with a good book, so I might as well be doing that in the first place.

Anyway, I thought I’d share Noisette’s pictures here with you, without any further words, because I wasn’t there to experience any of it.

Sunshine begged to be allowed a trial dive with the instructor

Impatience begged not to have to do a trial dive but then liked it anyway

There was no escaping the round of trial dives for me and I have to admit it was pretty cool

So don’t be surprised if I do end up writing a first-hand diving account on this blog at some point in time, but for now it feels like I can’t possibly add another interest to my life.

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