I’m REALLY pissed!

Just about a week ago, when musing about our upcoming South African visa renewals, I was joking – JOKING! – that maybe the Department of Home Affairs would make us go through the whole circus of police clearances and medical certificates again. But of course I was very secure in  my assumption that of course a mere RENEWAL would not require the same steps as the ORIGINAL visa.

However, it now turns out that they do indeed want the same exact crap again, at least that is what our consultant tells us. Which  means that we will have to get fingerprinted, again, and send that off with pages upon pages of forms to THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, accompanied by three different money orders, and I will have to drag everyone in  my family to the doctor again to be assured, black on white, that we are not crazy (not kidding!) plus have all our chests x-rayed. Or, in other words, I’m going to have to once again sacrifice another few weeks of my life for stupid paperwork and run-around.

I’m majorly pissed. Please someone tell me there is another way! Please? Anybody?

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