My Resolutions for 2012

Yes, yes, it’s already far into January. But considering the fact that I’m just now receiving the bulk of Christmas cards, you can’t really say that I’m behind in terms of New Year’s resolutions. Remember, we operate on African time here.

But now that I’m done looking back at the old year, and the kids are back in school (yay!), it is indeed high time I thought about 2012. What I really need is a resolution.

I’m not good at making resolutions, and even worse at working on them. But I just read an article that said people who make resolutions have a far higher chance of achieving their goals than people who don’t, especially when making them in public. So I hate to bore you but you will have to serve as “the public” for my resolutions for 2012.

Never fear, I will keep them easy (the article also said not to set the goals too high). One fun one and one not-so-fun one. Here goes for the not-so-fun one:

1) Get organized

Yeah I know, I say that every year and it seems all I’m achieving is getting less organized, not more. Have I mentioned that we keep moving every two years? Doesn’t ‘make things easier in the organization department. Anyway, I decided another list is in order, which I’ve taped to my desk and displayed for you here. Sorry to those folks who are waiting for emails or wanting to have coffee. I might have to make some exceptions. And I know Noisette will suggest I add “cook dinner” and “tidy up house.”

Have I bored you to death already? Well, here is the fun one:

2) Become a travel agent

No, not for real, what I mean is embrace being the full-time family travel agent I have already become anyway. All I have to do is quit complaining about packing and cheerfully set to planning how we can spend the kids’ college funds on trips this year to a) the Orange River (border to Namibia) for rafting, b) Botswana, c) Franschhoek (a repeat, we need more wine!), d) the Seychelles (or we’d settle for a repeat of Mauritius and some more chocolate moussse), e) Kilimanjaro (to climb – Zax now says he’s definitely in, though Noisette is out), and finally f) the U.S. (the kids’ request).

Stay tuned. My reward for all that planning will be to have more stuff to write about.

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