Safari in the Bedroom

No no, don’t imagine anything naughty going on. I know you did. But I just wanted to give you an update on my Christmas-gift-for-Noisette project, which if you remember involved some last minute heroics on my part pulling it all off. I got the elephant done in the nick of time, rushed it off to the picture framing place (which only had a few frames to select from because anything more fancy was only available in the new year), and miraculously got it back on Christmas Eve.


I always feel slightly guilty giving gifts that then require a massive amount of work on behalf of the gift receiver (see The Insurmountable Picture Hanging Project, though in that case I, the gift giver, was the one wielding the drill) but Noisette didn’t complain, and the pictures are now hung on the big wall next to our bed, filling it perfectly, exactly where I had envisioned them.

I’ve now got my safari in the bedroom. Maybe the gift was more for myself than anybody else?


If you’re interested, many of these drawings and other paintings of mine can be ordered from Imagekind.

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