Another Adventure… Or Another Folly?

You might recall that Zax had the adventure of his lifetime when he got to do a bungy jump off the Bloukrans Bridge last June. We considered ourselves progressive parents – even though I had to gulp down big chunks of freaked-out-ness while taking pictures from afar and editing the video afterwards – and followed up with another adventure-type birthday gift (because Zax  never seems to actually want anything, with the possible exception of being left alone): A tandem skydive.

This was before the news of the woman whose rope snapped  while doing a bungy jump at Vic Falls spread around the world, or I would have nixed this new endeavor in its infancy, I can assure you that. You could make the point that bungy jumping has nothing in common with skydiving. But hello? They both involve ropes, and trusting someone to have made sure the ropes are working and tied correctly. Have you seen the video?

Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck – I’ll just keep saying it to make up for them editing it out. If this is the one time to say F.U.C.K., in big bold capital letters, this is it (oh the blessings of being your own editor). I get physically sick just watching it and thinking this might have been my son. FUCK! Needless to say, I haven’t been back to the Bloukrans video.
In any case, we knew nothing of this when a few weekends ago we were peacefully driving towards Witbank, a place now called Ekuhurleni in one of those twists of South African post-apartheid renaming that baffles the newly- and not-so-newly-arrived expat to no end, what with one sign promising Ekuhurleni, causing you to barely avoid running your car into the ditch because it takes so long to read the freaking word, the next one Witbank, then another one Ekuhurleni again – how the hell do you pronounce that? Oops, excuse all the swearing. I seem to have opened the floodgates. And I seem to be rambling…
There isn’t actually much else to the story. Everything went well. Nothing snapped, except perhaps Zax’s patience when it turned out we had to wait for over an hour past the appointed time in a rather crappy looking place until both plane and skydiver were ready. And he did enjoy himself tremendously. 
Which is just as well, because this will be the last such adventure in a looooooong time, I promise you. I still haven’t been able to watch, let alone edit, the video, but the following pictures will tell you the story almost as well, without the wind and the noise.
The briefing

The plane

The critical assessment of the plane

The last chance to turn around and flee

The spectators

What the…? Oh, that’s not their plane, it’s a stunt plane. Whew!
The takeoff

The ascent

The place the plane was last seen at
The patient photographer

A parachute

Another parachute – s*#t, which one is ours?

The approach

Zax hates this picture. I have to say I’m with him on that!

The landing
The cleanup – Let me get away from this fast, this looks like work

Would you do it again?

This article is part of Joburg Expat’s What To Do in Joburg series. 

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