Finding a Good Car Insurance

I often get asked if I can recommend any providers for car insurance in South Africa. I can’t, really. All we did when we arrived in South Africa is ask our bank to give us a quote (banks often have an insurance brokerage arm). We used Standard Bank, which is how we came to use Hollard as our insurance for both household goods and the car, but I can’t tell you if they are particularly good or bad. They were just the most convenient, and I think the price range is somewhere in the middle.

However, I was writing a “Buying a Car in South Africa” column for Expat Arrivals, and needed to recommend insurance providers. Doing so I came across a very useful website I thought I’d share with you, called Car Insurance South Africa. It has links to the various providers, tips on insurance and road assistance, and a handy list to print out telling you what to do in case of an accident – a must in your glove compartment.

Depending on how expensive your car is, your insurance may insist on a tracking service for your car, such as Tracker or Altech Netstar. Your car may either already be outfitted with a tracker system, and you can just call one of those services to get your account set up, or you will have to take your car into one of their service stations to have it outfitted.

Another thing your insurance company may insist on (or, just like the tracking service, you may want to get on your own accord) is smash-and-grab film. Yes, I’m pretty sure that is what it’s called. Unfortunately, smash-and-grabs (where someone will smash in your windshield while standing at a red light and grab your valuables out of the car) are still rather commonplace, and the film helps to keep the pieces of glass together so that no one can reach inside.

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