A Facebook Page for Joburg Expat

Creating a Facebook page for Joburg Expat has been my “most favorite to procrastinate” to-do for the better part of a year.

I’m not sure why. Maybe because I couldn’t really see the sense in it. But every blogger seems to have one. I mean, you really have to have a Facebook page, don’t you? Otherwise, people can’t LIKE you. I have plenty of FRIENDS, mind you, and I’m also quite pleased that I figured out how people can LIKE individual blog posts, but it seems they also need to LIKE my blog. So I figured I should follow suit so as not to fall behind in the social networking realm (yes, I still secretly worship King Pageview).

Maybe I kept putting it off because I know myself well enough to suspect that even a rather minor to-do like creating a Facebook page would turn into a major undertaking, what with all the irresistible cool gadgets I’d no doubt be discovering along the way, beckoning for me to add to my page to make it even more perfect.

Which it did. Holy cow, there are a ton of interesting Facebook pages out there! I really just wanted to glance at one to see how it’s done – a major stumbling block being that I couldn’t figure out how to designated it as “personal blog” – and before I knew it I was immersed in a travel blogger’s shipwreck in Indonesia story.

But I’m glad to say, 23 newly opened tabs on my browser later, that the page is now there, waiting for you to LIKE.

Go ahead. Click the button. And then click LIKE. I am waiting… CLICK IT!

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