Picture Framing in Joburg

I always feel slightly guilty giving so much voice on Joburg Expat to mishap and inconvenience, to This is Africa moments, to all the various horror stories of my pampered expat existence. It’s just that they are so much more fun to write about than those times where everything goes smoothly.

So today I feel compelled to share one of those rather boring moments of life when everything goes as expected or better: Getting pictures framed in South Africa (or at least here in Joburg). A story of convenience and efficiency.

And affordability, I might add. Most expats find the cost of living in SA rather high but if you need any picture framing done, consider having it done while living in South Africa. I’m not sure if it’s the low labor costs, or if the supplies for some reason are cheaper, but I would say the cost of picture framing is as low as half of what we used to pay in the U.S.

I remember feeling absurdly disappointed when we had  just moved here, and when the glass of one of our pictures had broken in transit and I was told to have it repaired and supply the receipt to our insurance. I did have it  repaired, but when I looked at the receipt, it hardly seemed worth the bother of filling out a form and turning it in for reimbursement. What’s more, I was able to get non-glare glass for the same price as clear glass, another commodity that you pay a lot more for in most other places.

So a few weeks ago I set out to have some black and white animal photos mounted and framed. A “best of best” collection of two years worth of trips into the bush, no small feat in terms of decision making: Are the two rhinos looking left better than the three rhinos looking right? Do I take the elephant drinking water or the one swimming in the water or the one showing off his giant dick? Or, while we are on that topic, will we get the most joy from the picture of the mating lions or the mating wild dogs or the mating baboons?

Seeing as it was for Noisette’s birthday, I agonized for weeks over my selection. (Although I had a feeling any of the mating pictures would be a winner, judging from his enjoyment several months ago when watching the real thing.)

As always, I was doing this last minute, the day we were due to leave for a week’s vacation, with his birthday looming right afterwards. But as always Karen at my little framing shop with the rather uninspired if accurate name 4Ways Framing (in Pineslopes shopping centre) came through for me again. Prompt service, a decent selection of frames, and a very quick turnaround.

Thank God for Photoshop, so that I could edit my unmade bed out of the background…

I’ve got a few more that didn’t fit into this photo, but this is more or less the collection. What do you think?

And now for the insurmountable picture hanging project

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