Top 10 Reasons You Should Move to Johannesburg Despite the Crime Rate

I was recently invited to enter another writing contest by Expatsblog. The topic this time around was something along the lines of a top ten list of sorts, or really any number of things you can recommend about your host country.

What immediately came to my mind was to pick up on the theme of crime. Because that is always the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind when the word Johannesburg is mentioned. At least to any outsider’s mind. But I also wanted to ridicule that single-minded focus on what we insiders know is only a small sideshow of life in South Africa, and instead highlight some of the good stuff. All this without sounding preachy, so I threw in some fun facts as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy my list, and would love to hear your own contributions. I’m sure I’ve left a lot off of it.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Move to Johannesburg Despite the Crime Rate

  1. Johannesburg has the best weather in the world. (I’ve already been called a big fat liar about that one!)
  2. Your kids might spend their lives barefoot.
  3. You will get to pet lions.
  4. You will become a more patient person.
  5. You will live among the world’s friendliest people.
  6. You will become an expert at changing tires.
  7. You might become Impala Poop Spitting champion.
  8. Your toilets will not be clogged.
  9. Your house (including your unclogged toilets) will always be clean.
  10. You will get to learn wonderful new words, even if English is already your first language.

Of course this isn’t all of it. To read the details for each of them, you’ll have to link to the full article on Expatsblog. When you’re there, please do me a favor and scroll to the bottom when you’re done and leave a comment. If you’re a Joburger yourself, I’m sure you’ll have plenty to add. Then go ahead and spread the word by LIKING the page on Facebook or SHARING it, and putting it in a TWEET for good measure (though I still haven’t really seen the sense in Twitter, I must admit).

Oh, and if you can do all this by this Sunday, I’d be much obliged. I’ve already won the Best Expat Blog in South Africa award last time, but this time I might actually win some money. Although of course it’s all about the glory and not the money. Right?

By the way, while you’re there, look at some of the other entries on the list and help promote my fellow expat bloggers. Some of the writing you’ll find there is excellent and you’ll learn all sorts of interesting facts about the most obscure countries. I particularly enjoyed the German entries, but that’s probably because I’ve got Germany in my blood.

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