A Book, a Countdown, and the Launch of a New Website

So I’ve written my Kilimanjaro book. I’ve also hired an editor, gotten the ball rolling on cover design, and educated myself on the intricacies of self-publishing. Then there was a two-week Christmas “break” (ha!), which I emerged from with the realization that I absolutely had to finally bite the bullet, pick a publication date, and launch my author website.

Which I just did. Kilimanjaro Diaries Рonly the working title for now, and  yes, you may mail in your suggestions Рwill be on the shelves in March 2014. I will now refrain from a long list of qualifiers and ifs and buts and just hope that 31 days in March are enough of a buffer to prevent me from looking like an idiot. Let the countdown begin: 60 days until publication!

As promised, I have also launched my author website, Melusine. (If you’re wondering about the name, read this earlier story.) It will be my new home for all things book, writing, and self-publishing. I’m planning to post new entries once a week detailing how the book came about, what I’ve learned about writing, and how my new self-publishing enterprise is working out. I hope you’ll go and visit and Bookmark and Subscribe and Like and Follow so that you’ll be kept informed about this (at least for me) exciting journey of my first book. Rest assured, however, that I won’t likely miss many opportunities to tell you about my book right here as well, or wherever else you might run into me. My guess is that by March you’ll be so tired of hearing about my book that you’ll go ahead and buy it just so that I’ll be happy and shut up.

Eva Melusine Thieme, Author

I’ve also given all my online sites a brush-up to make sure they look professional and are all linked with each other, as counseled in my new bible, Self-Printed: The Sane Person’s Guide to Self-Publishing (I’ve become quite a disciple of Catherine Ryan Howard). I’ve debated about the virtues of adding a new Facebook page but can’t decide whether it should be about me as an author or about the book itself, and so I’ve done what I always do when faced with intractable decisions: I’ve decided to wait.

In any event, between keeping up with Joburg Expat, Melusine, the new Twitter project I just started, and rewriting Kilimanjaro Diaries when it comes back from the editor next week, I’ll probably have my hands full. Neglecting Facebook for a while might not be an altogether bad strategy.

See you around!

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