What Expats in Joburg are Saying About Their Internet Providers

I recently posted the following on my Facebook page, which I had received from a newly arrived expat:

I have an update for internet.

We went with Afrihost CAPPED, at 100 GB. I’ve got my Netflix up and running and they don’t shape your data!!! We are going to get them to change our line out so we can get 10MB. I’m happy with it! I also have iBurst as a back up (I depend on the internet to work).

Please comment if you have anything to add to this. (We also had Afrihost and were very happy with them).

Speeds you can probably only dream of in South Africa. Although I don’t wish Comcast on anyone!

This post received a long list of replies, and I decided to add all of them into this blog post for those of you who are still looking for, if not perfect, at least better internet. Afrihost seems to take home First Prize, with Neotel as the Runner-Up, but there seem to be some issues with inconsistent speed. I should mention, however, that the line speed (at least I believe this is true) depends on whatever Telkom line goes to your house. So if Afrihost is slow, it’s because the Telkom line only goes up to 4 Mbps, as was the case for us. If you’re lucky, you have a 10 Mbps line and all is dandy.

Here are all the responses:

Excellent! My husband and I have mtn and it is absolute crap. Totally unreliable plus they made is sign a contract. They are pressuring us to sign up again but based on this and other posts from your page we are going w afrihost. I signed up for unotelly as well which works beautifully. Netflix, radio etc from home (canada) is all available. Your blog is a gold mine for us! Thank you so much. Keep writing….we need you!

I am on a Durban Estate which only allows Atec service provider. I most certainly DO NOT recommend ATEC. While i have found that the connection is certainly reliable, but we have had many issues in the past (which remain unresolved) where we were billed for data we did not use, discrepancies between usage and billing, and at one stage our historical data usage was changing each time I looked at my account online! It was brought to their attention with head office – they denied it was possible, but after much to- and fro- ing, meeting with their MD and Head Developer and providing them with screenshots of changing historical records they conceded that it was happening!! It remains unresolved. Frustrating thing for us is that our estate allows no other option.

We are on a 4MB line with Afrihost. They have exceeded all my expectations. They also manage my line which is awesome – so if my adsl is not working I do not have to call Telkom and wait forever! Afrihost sort it out! Recently we also got a dongle from them that is extremely useful as it is portable it comes with 3GB data and 2GB data free. The kids can take it with and tether their tablets or phones to it and it is much cheaper than the Mtn data! Top ups on this device are very easy from the Client Zone. The other fantastic thing is that there are no contracts with Afrihost and everything is on a month to month basis!

Thank you… information logged in anticipation of a move to Cape Town in November. I have found your blog sooooo helpful. Thank you!

I have found that Afrihost is really inconsistent in their speed though…we are going to try Neotel!

What’s been YOUR experience? Please leave a comment – a future expat will be extremely grateful!

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