The New Dainfern Square Shopping Centre

I’ve told you several times how much I enjoyed the Valley Shopping Centre right next to Dainfern Valley, the neighborhood we used to live in while in South Africa. I enjoyed how close it was, that I could pick up medicine, a movie, my dry-cleaning, and a few steaks and wine for dinner all in the space of 20 minutes, and only having to park my car once. It was small, but it had everything.

Well, not quite everything. Now that the new Dainfern Square has opened not far from it, on the corner of William Nicol and Broadacres Drive, I have retroactive pangs of jealousy about all the great stuff I missed out on so close to our doorstep.

Thanks to today’s guest blogger Debbie Spazzoli, here is a rundown of what Dainfern Square has to offer.

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre

Dainfern Square Is Finally Open!

Just over a month ago the long awaited Dainfern Square finally opened. I am sure that many of the residents of Dainfern and surrounds are thrilled with this welcome addition to the suburb.

On a recent Saturday morning we decided to pop down and see what new shops and restaurants were opening up. To get there, we drove up the wonderful new and widened section of William Nicol Dr. – just imagine, three large lanes in both directions!

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre


The great news was that the Virgin Active gym was opening that day. We dropped off Hubby at the entrance for a chance to try their brand new machines and visit the change rooms. The boys and I however decided that we would rather try the new Mugg and Bean for brunch. We were not disappointed.

Here is a list of stores that are open or will be opening soon:

  • Woolworths Food Emporium, Pick n Pay
  • Exclusive Books
  • Jeuval Hair Salon, Sorbet Nail Bar and a Sorbet Dry Bar (wash, blow and go!) Beauty Factory, Goodfellas Barber Shop
  • Estate agents Sothebys and Pam Golding
  • Mugg and Bean
  • Vida e Café
  • Melissa’s (yummy!!!!)
  • Yume Sushi
  • Col’Caccio and Turn’nTender (coming soon)
  • Postnet, MTN, Vodacom4U, Standard Bank
  • Take aways – Debonairs, Fish Aways, Pizza Hut, Anat Steers and Kawai (opening soon)
  • Clicks and Dischem and The Body Shop
  • Kitchen Quarter is relocating from Lonehill
  • There are also ATM’s, a car wash, and a travel agent.
  • The Virgin Active has a wonderful view but if it was up to me, I would have put the coffee shops upstairs instead of the usual South African way of putting them all facing the carpark.

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre
Take away food court
Dainfern Square Shopping Centre
View from Virgin Active

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre
Still some construction going on

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre

Dainfern Square Shopping Centre
Exclusive Books
Dainfern Square Shopping Centre
Dainfern Square Shopping Centre
Woolie’s, of course!
Dainfern Square Shopping Centre
Aaaah – looks just like America.
Dainfern Square Shopping Centre
Melissa’s, again. Never heard of the place but it does look tempting.

All in all it is convenient, and I am sure I will be back because I can never resist a visit to Melissa’s.

For a full list of stores at Dainfern Square click here.

Debbie Spazzoli moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa in December 2004 with her husband and their three sons on a 2 year inter-office permit. They have lived in South Africa for 10 years and are proudly South African permanent residents. Their boys are almost more South African than Zimbabwean but have many happy memories of growing up in Zimbabwe.

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