Everything You Need to Know About South African Schools

Which school to pick for their children in South Africa, and how to get into the one they’ve picked, is by far the most discussed topic among prospective expats on my blog and Facebook page. Second to that are questions about bureaucracy, especially the dreaded Traffic Register Number and vehicle license disk renewal, and the always-pressing quest to find the perfect house in the right suburb.

Which just goes to show that at the end of the day, fear of crime – the one thing South Africa is infamous for – is not at the top of people’s minds. Day-to-day practical considerations and our children’s education take precedence.

At any rate, I spend quite a bit of time every day fielding questions about schools, having evolved as somewhat of an authority on the topic – not so much by virtue of my own knowledge, but because of the vast network of friends and acquaintances I’ve built, and my ability to ask any of them to chime in on a particular school. Still, quite often I will go hunt on my own blog to dig up the appropriate blog post on a given school-related topic so I can forward it in response to an inquiry, and that can be quite time-consuming.

In order to make my readers’ life – and mine! – a little bit easier, I thought I’d gather all my blog posts discussing South African schools in any way, shape, or form, into one tidy list to hand out henceforth. Bear in mind that I wrote these over the course of 4-5 years, and that my knowledge of the topic evolved over that time period, so it’s a good idea to read the more recent posts in addition to the older ones. (Even though I’ve grouped them by topic, you can see the date under the heading of each.)

Without further ado, voila!

Joburg Expat’s Recommended Reading
on South African Schools

School Listings

St. John's College - private schools in Johannesburg
St. John’s College, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in Johannesburg


South African Schools: An International Comparison

Dainfern College

South African school children in uniform


 Language Education in South African Schools

Sports at South African Schools

South African school children in uniform
Outgoing Grade 7 students together with incoming Grade 0 (“Grade nought”) students at Dainfern College

Transitioning from a South African School Back to the United States


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