Moving to South Africa? Attend Our First Ever Webinar!

It was late 2009 when I started my research leading up to a possible move to South Africa. I opened a web browser and expectantly typed “expats in South Africa” into the search bar.

I shouldn’t have. Boy did my skin crawl after just a few minutes in. But I also couldn’t tear myself away. One particular horror story has stayed with me to this day. An unsuspecting arrival drove home from O.R. Tambo airport, was followed by a gang of robbers all the way to his house, and was assaulted at gun point after he had opened but not yet closed the gate to his driveway again. It sounded so believable. It did a good job of scaring me.

But not quite good enough. In early 2010 we found ourselves in South Africa, making it to our house and into the garage without incident. As soon as I got my internet connection installed (which, if you’ll remember, wasn’t very soon at all), I created a blog and called it Joburg Expat, in hopes of attracting people like me who were typing words into Google hoping to find some useful information about South Africa.

Seven years later, I have helped many such people. I answer their questions on a daily basis, about where to live in Johannesburg, which school to enroll their children in, how to renew their visa, and, occasionally, how to source Nespresso coffee capsules for their son in England “soonest.”

When I recently got introduced to Hannah Pirnie, another long-time expat in Johannesburg who herself is a great resource for newbie expats, we came up with a new idea neither of us had tackled before: Why not hold a Webinar for people who have questions about moving to South Africa?

Why not, indeed! So…


I’m excited to announce the kick-off Moving To South Africa Webinar, a collaborative effort between Translating Me and Joburg Expat on Tuesday, October 3rd, time TBD. This month’s topic is “5 Mistakes To Avoid Your First Month in South Africa.” Click Here to sign up.

Those who sign up will receive an email link to a website where we will host what is essentially a video meeting. Hannah and I will both do a short presentation about the topic, and then we will move on to questions from participants, which can be submitted via live chat. Participants who don’t want to be seen can turn off their video feed and still participate just the same. We will also be taping the session to make it available to those who can’t make the date.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our webinar series, please leave a comment below. This is very much an evolving project and we’ll be learning along the way with everyone else.

To participate, sign up now for our Moving to South Africa Webinar on October 3rd, 2017. If you know anyone you think might benefit from it, please spread the word!

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