35 Essential Items to Bring Back from South Africa

Prompted by Noisette’s recent trip to South Africa – Americans also call this kind of trip a boondoggle – and his imminent return, I posted this rather urgent request on the Joburg Expat Facebook page to make sure I didn’t forget anything for the all-important “Essential Items To Bring Back from South Africa” list I was assembling for him.

It got an overwhelming response in less than an hour. Everyone just typed what first came to their mind, and it turned into a list both useful and hilarious.

Here is what Joburg Expat readers most wanted from South Africa:

  1. Aero mint
  2. Peppermint crisps
  3. Biltong and droewors
  4. Biltong from Country Meat in Epsom Downs
  5. Cream soda
  6. Crosse & Blackwell mayo
  7. Dried peaches
  8. Eet-sum-mor biscuits
  9. Five Roses green tea with apple and pear
  10. Jelly tots
  11. Mrs. Ball’s Chutney
  12. Boerboel
  13. Avocados
  14. Wine wine wine!
  15. Amarula
  16. Red espresso
  17. Rooibos tea
  18. Ultramel custard
  19. Simba chips, every flavor there is
  20. Rusks
  21. Royal cream biscuits
  22. Nougat with macademias
  23. Woolworth dried mango strips
  24. Woolworth Earl Grey tea
  25. Woolworth, the entire store
  26. Bird song
  27. Kruger
  28. Warm weather
  29. Sunshine
  30. Weaver birds
  31. Big Five
  32. A wife
  33. A sense of humor
  34. My maid
  35. A new president

On that last note, I hear a spare one has become available in South Africa. Jacob Zuma, you should seriously consider applying for the president job in our country. Even if it means you bring all your wives with you, and use our taxpayer money to upgrade your house with a new swimming pool. I’m sure whatever transgressions you might commit, they pale in comparison to what’s going on here in the year 2018.

Can anyone think of more items for the above list? If so, please leave your comments below!

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