The Best Story About Baseball That’s Not Just About Baseball (Part 2): The Alexandra Fundraising Challenge

members of Alexandra Baseball team warming up before practice

Have you read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson? The idea was to build schools in Afghanistan, but the story was about more than building schools. That's how it has been for our group of expats supporting Alexandra Baseball. It's about giving young people opportunities to build self-esteem and teamwork and make something of themselves in an environment where few such opportunities exist.


The Best Story About Baseball That’s Not Just About Baseball (Part 1): Africa On Deck

baseball players in Alexandra township near Johannesburg

We had moved from the U.S. to Johannesburg earlier that year. After the initial frenzy of buying a car, securing the elusive Traffic Register Number for foreigners, and getting the Internet connected, I was ready to tackle the American mother's oh so important task: finding new sports teams for my kids. This is how I stumbled upon Alexandra Baseball. The rest, as they say, is history.


All Roads Lead to Alexandra: The Story of a Globetrotting Baseball Bag, Part Two

In my previous post, I told you some stories about the circuitous travels of baseball equipment from American outfields into the heart of one of the poorest African townships. The longest and most circuitous route yet was traveled by the last batch I sent, the one that arrived in Johannesburg just a few weeks ago. Its a story that brings compassion and serendipity together.


The Future of Alexandra Baseball

 When I learned, sometime in the middle of last year, that we’d be moving back to the U.S., one of my first concerns was what would happen to Alexandra Baseball, the township baseball team that had become my personal outreach project more or less by accident. (If you’re not familiar with it, read about it here ; if you ARE familiar with it, please become a Facebook fan here so that you can follow their activities.)
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Not that I was too worried. There were baseballs being thrown in Alexandra long before my arrival, and I’m very confident the glorious thwockkk of ball hitting leather will be heard over its tin roofs for many years to come. I wasn’t the one who started it, and it would by no means ... 


Michael’s Dream

Important Update: Michael’s Dream had to be postponed this year because the provincial team decided not to attend the Tuscany Series. If you still wish to donate to Michael’s dream, we will keep the money in a special account until next year. Donations to Alexandra Baseball in general ... 


Got Container Space?

This is a call to all my American readers who’ve come across my blog because they have plans to move to South Africa in the near future. Especially those of you who’ve already booked a moving date. I’d love to have a tiny corner of your container space, if indeed you’re ...