In the Footsteps of Paul Kruger and the Voortrekkers

Paul Kruger monument in pretoria

A day trip to Pretoria is a must if you are visiting or living in Johannesburg. It offers so much in terms of South Africa's multifaceted history, from Paul Kruger's life (Kruger House Museum) to the fabled Voortrekkers (Voortrekker Monument). But it is also a lovely city in its own right, with beautiful buildings and views everywhere you go - especially during jacaranda season each spring.


What to Do in Joburg

Johannesburg skyline

Over the course of living as an expat family in Johannesburg for 3 years, we have compiled a list of "things to do in Joburg" and its surroundings, from seeing cheetahs run at De Wildt to walking the tightrope at JoziX, delving into history at the Apartheid Museum, touring the Nelson Mandela House in Soweto, going on a balloon safari over the Cradle of Humankind, and much more.


A Trip Back into South Africa’s History

Whether you live in Johannesburg or are just visiting, you should definitely go to the Apartheid Museum. Not only does it fill in many gaps in your knowledge of South Africa's past, it also brings across a first-hand experience of what Apartheid might have felt like for those who lived through it, something you won't get a feel for just by reading a history book.


US Consul General’s Cocktail Reception

house of the American consul in johannesburg South Africa
Reception at the US General Consul’s house in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2011

One of the perks of living as an expat in a major city such as Johannesburg is that you get invited to the annual cocktail party at the US Consul General’s house. You just don’t get these opportunities in Overland Park, Kansas!

So last Thursday, Feb 24th 2011, I donned my (one and only) ... 


African Crafts

african crafts at Rosebank rooftop market in johannesburg

The Rosebank Rooftop Market on Sunday is a flea market where you'll find the gaudy and useless, but also a huge collection of African crafts. Stalls upon stalls of wares crammed onto the roof of Rosebank Mall, from wooden masks to drums, spears, paintings, clothing, incense, soap, spices, beaded figurines, stone carvings, woven grass baskets, cheese, painted ostrich eggs, and more.