Credit Cards in South Africa

Sooner or later comes the moment when you will want to pay for something in South Africa. And then you may ask yourself: What payment options are there, and which are the best? Well, it depends, I would say. It looks a bit as if it depends on the amount of the bill you’re faced with. Find out here when to use cash and when to use your credit card, and what it means to use EFT.


Let’s Talk Money

"What is the cost of living in South Africa?" This is the question I am asked most often by people contacting me through my blog (behind "How safe is South Africa," of course), and it is the one I most dread. Because it is very difficult to answer. Firstly, because we are a family of six with very different expenses from, say, a young couple without kids living in an apartment.


Opening a Bank Account in South Africa

A reader asked if it's possible to open a South African bank account as a foreigner (yes it is!) so I thought I should make a blog post out of it. While I've written about going to the bank, I've never actually told you about opening the mechanics of opening an account. Surprise - there is a little more bureaucracy involved than you might wish for.


Going to the Bank in South Africa

I had some Euros from a recent trip to Germany to put into our South African account, so I thought I’d swing by the bank quickly on my round of errands. But of course I should have known better. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure if I’d just bought a house.

Documents I needed:

  • 2-page form filled in with all my details
  • my passport with the visa page (at least by now I know to bring that with me on such occasions)
  • affidavit that I don’t own any foreign assets that I’m planning to sell here (?)