Credit Cards in South Africa

The following is a guest post by Barbara Bruhwiler.

Sooner or later comes the moment when you will want to pay for something in South Africa. And then you may ask yourself: What payment options are there, and which are the best?

Well, it depends, I would say. It looks a bit as if it depends on the amount ... 


Let’s Talk Money

*** Note: This post was written in 2012 and cost of living expenses most likely have changed in the meantime, as the Rand has fallen as low as 17 to 1 to the US-dollar, compared to 7 to 1 when we lived in South Africa. As a result, some costs might actually be cheaper as measured in expat dollars, and some might have become more expensive due to higher cost of imports. ***

“What is the cost of living in South Africa?”

This is the question I am asked most often by people contacting me through my blog (behind “How safe is South Africa,” of course), and it is the one I most dread. Because it is very difficult to answer. Firstly, because we are a ... 


Going to the Bank in South Africa

I had some Euros from a recent trip to Germany to put into our South African account, so I thought I’d swing by the bank quickly on my round of errands. But of course I should have known better. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure if I’d just bought a house.

Documents I needed:

  • 2-page form filled in with all my details
  • my passport with the visa page (at least by now I know to bring that with me on such occasions)
  • affidavit that I don’t own any foreign assets that I’m planning to sell here (?)