The New Joburg Expat, a New Webinar, And a New Word for Your South African Dictionary

webinar for expats moving to South Africa

This Thanksgiving break I inexplicably got it in my head to migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress. What I should have done is a) picked a more opportune time when I wasn't already extremely busy, and b) created a test domain to migrate my blog to before switching to live, which I could have built in peace and tested to my heart's content until it was rock solid. But I didn't.


Top 5 Joburg Expat Stories

Like every blogger, I like to look at my blog stats. Not nearly as much as I used to when - ironically - there weren't many stats to look at, but I still glance at them occasionally. This is how I discovered that last month Joburg Expat surpassed 1.5 million pageviews. In this blog post, I have listed my Top Five most-read blog posts for you, and some other Top Five stats.


Another Best Expat Blog Award for Joburg Expat

I'm often a bit suspicious when some website selling international financial services announces the creation of blog awards and offers badges to expat bloggers like myself. But if such a company, like Money Transfer Comparison just did, shows they have spent a lot of time getting to know a blog and can summarize it to their readers, I take my hat off. Read for yourself.


Joburg Expat Hits One Million

I wish it was one million dollars, but it’s just pageviews. The number of times people have looked at (and maybe even read) my blog. Joburg Expat has just surpassed a million of those!

A million! (kinda embarrassing, though, to see it listed under last month’s stats, which were not great)

When I first started Joburg Expat I didn’t have any big readership in mind. I just wanted to share what ... 


2013 By the Numbers

It’s late in the day on January 1st 2014, and I find myself with absolutely no New Year’s resolutions. Other than perhaps finishing this blog post in the next three hours so that it will actually appear on January 1st.

Instead of looking at the new year and setting all sorts of goals, I ...