A Growing Blog – What Next?

The readership of Joburg Expat has expanded fast over the last couple of months and I’m thrilled to receive more and more questions from future expats planning a relocation to South Africa and Johannesburg in particular. Helping you with your decision and move was the whole idea behind starting ... 


A Face Lift for Joburg Expat

I spent the last weekend getting deeper into this blog’s HTML code than I ever wished for, as I much prefer to research and write content, but some work needed to be done. As Joburg Expat has grown over the past year, it has accumulated a huge amount of tags or labels from Afrikaans to Impala ... 


Getting Joburg Expat kicked off

Yippee! After 5 weeks in Africa, I now have an internet connection, a car, and a cell phone. The blogging can now begin! I will backdate my first few entries to cover the time lag.

March 3, 2010:

Our South African adventure begins. We are waiting for our departure from Washington Dulles airport. The ...