Going to the Bank in South Africa

I had some Euros from a recent trip to Germany to put into our South African account, so I thought I’d swing by the bank quickly on my round of errands. But of course I should have known better. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure if I’d just bought a house.

Documents I needed:

  • 2-page form filled in with all my details
  • my passport with the visa page (at least by now I know to bring that with me on such occasions)
  • affidavit that I don’t own any foreign assets that I’m planning to sell here (?)



Finally – a New Trash Can!

Just a quick update on my trash odyssey: It took almost a week of waiting for our landlord to divulge our account number with the City of Johannesburg, but he did, and I faxed that to the Piki Tup people, and lo and behold, a few days afterwards, a new trash can sort of just appeared in my driveway. ... 


Recycling in Joburg

I’m happy to report that I just got our recycling set up. Recycling is not very big here, and I almost got used to throwing everything in the trash over the past few months, but not quite. It turns out there is recycling, but not for free. I went with Mama ... 


The Dustbin Saga Continues…

I’m still not making any progress on our trash problem, but at least am learning something about the City of Johannesburg and its bureaucracy in the process. The problem is that I still don’t know our account number, and none of my calls to a) the owner’s daughter who promised we could call ...