13th Birthday in Style

Breakfast at the Westin in Cape Town

As of yesterday, we have another teenager in the house! That sounds like a lot but we’re hopeful the second time around is easier than the first. After all, we’re only halfway there yet. Or less than half-way, some might argue, as the next two are going to be girls.

But I wanted to talk ... 


Cape Town with Kids: Day Two

The breakfast spread at the Westin (there is even sushi! I told you we are a family of snobs) is just as exciting the second day. Noisette and I opt to just plow ahead with our own plan for a change, instead of opening the floor to debate. He wants to stand on the Cape of Good Hope, like I already ... 


Cape Town with Kids: Day One

What a relief to arrive in Cape Town coming from Mozambique. It feels a bit like the time when Noisette and I came back to West Berlin from East Berlin in the 1980s and almost felt like kissing the ground. Okay, I’m exaggerating just a wee bit, but nonetheless I make a wow to be much more patient ... 


Getaway to Cape Town

view of Cape Town at night
For our family, one of the best parts about moving to South Africa has been the easy access to some of the world’s greatest travel destinations. Where else can you get to the bush to see lions, a top ten diving location and tropical beach, or one of the most beautiful cities of the world, all within just a few hours? I suppose it’s one of the benefits of expat life, as you tend to use your (most likely) limited time to the fullest (if this is your first time as an expat, doing so is my number one advice to you), but I do feel that Johannesburg is an especially well suited home base for expat travelers.

My only gripe has been that Africa is NOT cheap by any means. The deeper the bush, the more expensive it seems to get. The one exception, in my opinion, is Cape Town. Not only is it a beautiful city to visit, it is also very affordable compared to all the other destinations out there. If you’re ...