The New Joburg Expat, a New Webinar, And a New Word for Your South African Dictionary

webinar for expats moving to South Africa

This Thanksgiving break I inexplicably got it in my head to migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress. What I should have done is a) picked a more opportune time when I wasn't already extremely busy, and b) created a test domain to migrate my blog to before switching to live, which I could have built in peace and tested to my heart's content until it was rock solid. But I didn't.


How to Import Your Car Into South Africa

Most expats sell their cars in their home country when they leave and buy a new one in South Africa. But what if someone doesn’t want to give their car up? Maybe it’s a vintage model or a custom-made dream car, or maybe they’ve just grown attached to a specific model that isn’t available in South Africa. Whatever the reason for wanting to keep your current car, there are ways to make it happen.


Public Transport

One thing South Africa doesn't do particularly well is public transport. Without a car, you're pretty much lost in Johannesburg, otherwise a world class city in many ways. That is not so different from many American cities, where public transport is often scarce or missing altogether. Here is a story of having to ride the bus to get from one city to the next in America.


So You’ve Been Held Up By South African Traffic Police? You’re Not the First One.

Driving in South Africa comes with a few caveats. And it's not driving on the left side of the road, for those who are not accustomed to it, though that is also the case. The real challenge comes from the South African traffic police randomly stopping you to solicit bribes. It's important for you to know your rights and the law so that you can't be bullied into paying a bribe.


How to Convert your Foreign Driver’s License to a South African Driver’s License

Of all the bureaucratic headaches assaulting you when moving to South Africa, perhaps none is as fraught with angst and speculation as that of the driver's license. But don't despair. It's really not as big of a problem as it's made out to be. Learn all you need to know about South African drivers' licenses and how, if necessary, to convert yours to one.


Perfect Marketplace for Expats:

I’ve told you my story about buying a car in South Africa, in all its glorious (and sometimes embarrassing) detail. I’ve also told you my story about selling the car again, taking place almost three years later, and it provided another welcome opportunity to let you learn from my successes and (as more often than not) mistakes. But what might have saved me a great many words (and almost certainly some money) is a simpler approach: I could have used =&0=&. And no, by that I do not mean that I should have trekked to the village square where business is conducted under a large tree and where goods change hands, although when I first heard of Gumtree I thought that it must have derived its name from exactly such a scenario.

What is Gumtree? is a classifieds website, much like Craigslist in the United States. I’ve since learned that the name was a brainchild of the original founders, who launched the site in 2000 and were looking for a name that might ...