Once an Expat Always an Expat

This morning I came across the tiniest evidence of our frequent wanderings around the globe: a mover’s sticker on our sofa (a more fancy word is Balinese Daybed but it’s still really just a sofa), proclaiming “up” to the unknown guys waiting ... 


The Mystery of the Missing Cement Mixer

Zax and I were reminiscing the other day about Singapore. He was two years old when we lived there, and in an absolute boy’s heaven. Singapore in the late 1990s was a hub of construction with cranes and other heavy machinery wherever the eye could see, the result of which is apparent in a skyline ... 


A New Year in Africa

It makes such a big difference whether you are a new arrival in Africa, or whether you’ve been there and done that last year, a returning expat so to speak, though we haven’t really been away. It’s a new year, and everything seems so easy all of a sudden here at Joburg Expat!

The ...