Moving with Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations moving truck in front of Table Mountain

Altogether, I have moved seven times in my life. Five of those were international moves. And six of them were with children in tow. So I think it's not too much of an exaggeration when I say I know a little bit about moving around the world. By far our best experience came when Crown Relocations did our shipping for us. Read more about their services here.


A Must Have for Expats

Kilimanjaro diaries on Audible

One of the most profound lifestyle changes we were subjected to when moving to South Africa was the way we consumed books. Back home in the United States,  going to the library had been a regular family ritual. Books were abundant and free, and everyone read to their heart's content. Not so in South Africa. This is why you need and Audible subscription as an expat.


Moving to South Africa? Attend Our First Ever Webinar!

When I recently got introduced to Hannah Pirnie, another long-time expat in Johannesburg who herself is a great resource for newbie expats with her Translating Me service, we came up with the idea of starting a Webinar series for people who have questions about moving to South Africa. I'm excited to announce our kick-off event with the topic "5 Mistakes To Avoid Your First Month in South Africa."


How to Survive Your First Few Months as an Expat in South Africa, Part I

So you’ve taken the plunge. Someone has convinced you that you’re special and talented. Your company could really use someone with your specific skillset at the branch in South Africa. Now you’ve just arrived in South Africa, and you’re filled with bright-eyed wonder. If you’re reading this, great news: you managed to find an internet connection. That’s your first win. Now what?


The Eight Best Johannesburg Sightseeing Tours

johannesburg sightseeing tours

Johannesburg is Africa's most visited city, ahead of Cape Town which is a distant second. As a visitor, you'll hardly be alone. Nevertheless, many consider Johannesburg to be too unsafe to explore, especially parts of the Central Business District. If you are concerned about safety, I recommend taking a tour as part of a group. Here are some recommendations.


You Have to Water the Grass For it to Be Green

green grass

Surely the grass must be greener on the other side! One would think this sentiment is particularly true for expats, especially repeat or serial expats. People who are constantly yanked from their surroundings and have to rebuild their lives elsewhere might be excused for not embracing each new place equally well. But I have found the opposite to be true.