Only in Africa

I have a collection of "Only in Africa" pictures I've collected over the years. I've uploaded some of these to my Facebook page as "Humor of the Day" shots, but now thought I might put them together in a collection. I can't give credit to the photographers in this case - most of these were sent to me via long email chains that make tracking down the photographer impossible .


The Last Word

"The Problem with you, Mom, is that you always have to have the last word." Excuse me? A teenager was accusing ME of having the last word, when there isn't a teenager in this family, or possibly the entire world, who doesn't ALWAYS have the last word? I was sitting at the dinner table, stunned at my recent and utter defeat at the hands of my four glowering children.


Only in America

car made in America

When you move to Africa, you soon learn to say "This is Africa" when things are moving at a glacial pace, or not at all. And yet, it is also endearing. But in my eagerness to record all the hilarious TIA moments in Africa, I had forgotten about all the weird stuff that can happen to you right here at home in the United States. A condition that we have dubbed "Only in America."


White Wedding

I’ve just discovered a gem that brought tears of laughter (and a few of regret) to my eyes.

If you want to understand South Africa and its various racial groups and be thoroughly entertained in the process, the absolute best way is to watch White Wedding. You can get it on Amazon (see ...