Top Five Ways to Prepare for Your Health When Moving to South Africa

prepare for your health when moving to South Africa

Finding an internet provider so that your kids don't have to go without Snapchat for a minute too long, assembling the paperwork for your Traffic Register Number, booking your first safari - those are most likely at the top of your "settling in South Africa" list. The topic that actually should be at the top of your list is how to prepare for your health when moving to South Africa.


Medical Emergencies in Johannesburg

The quality of healthcare in South Africa is good. "My husband’s back op put an end to 10 years of back pains, for instance. And one of my doctors in Switzerland told me that he’d spent a year in South Africa, training as a surgeon." Apparently, doctors from all over the world are on a long waiting list for coveted internships at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto.


Giving Birth in South Africa

giving birth in South Africa

One of the things you most worry about when moving abroad as an expat is the prospect of giving birth in a foreign country. But it can also be one of the best experiences of your life. Contrary to common opinion, South Africa has excellent doctors and hospitals. In this post, one of my readers tells her story of giving birth (several times over!) in South Africa.


Expat Life and Orthodontics

Expat life and orthodontics don’t mix very well. In fact, moving anywhere doesn’t agree with orthodontic treatment in your children. This sadly is one area of our expat existence where I can’t proclaim any joy at all. Except maybe one little silver lining, and that’s just because  ...