Where to Live: Dainfern or Dainfern Valley?

For most expats in Johannesburg, the choice of where to live seems to come down to either Dainfern or Dainfern Valley, so I'll focus this post on those two. Don't expect an easy-to-view decision chart outlining pros and cons. Rather, I'll do what I always do, which is just ramble on, and hopefully you can build your own decision tree from my observations...


Joburg vs Durban?

If you're moving to South Africa, you may not have a choice as to which city you will live in. It may be dictated by your employer or other factors. But if you do have a choice, you'll want to conduct some research to pick the perfect new home. South Africa's three largest cities are Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Here is a brief look at Joburg vs Durban.


Expat Tips – Pool Care

So after months of preparations and paperwork you’ve finally arrived in your beautiful new house in South Africa. The sun is shining and your new pool is sparkling blue. But not for long if you don’t take care of it! Trust me, I speak from experience. Our pool has gone through many stages ... 


Should I Get Pest Control?

(or: Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!)

As I am now – about two weeks into our new life here – on my third bottle of Doom (or rather Mortein Target, which even though it came recommended I find less powerful than Doom, in that it only kills but does not seem to create a barrier for future invasions), researching pest control options ... 


Moving in

March 5, 2010:

Well. As it is, it is raining and gray, even though we are now in South Africa. We are in our new house for the first full day, watching our beautiful pool from the inside because of the thunderstorm. Apparently, they have been quite frequent this year. It is definitely warmer than Kansas, ...