The Trailing Dilemma

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Trailing spouse. You can’t be an expat and not have an intimate relationship with those two words. In fact, being or having a trailing spouse is not just relegated to expat territory. Rather, it’s a universal issue of humankind that bores deep into the essence of a relationship. Read on to find out why you should watch Grey's Anatomy to learn more about the trailing spouse dilemma.


Why I am Teaching my Daughters How to Knit

pussy hats for women's march 2017

The following is an attempt to make sense of the world we woke up to on November 9, 2016, and then again on January 20, 2017. It is about the United States of America, but in a way it is also about South Africa. The right of free speech, as exercised by a country's free press, has been under attack in South Africa just as much, if not more, as it is now in the U.S.


Transitioning Back to an American School after Three Years in South Africa

I've written many posts about South African Schools. But the worry about the transition back into the U.S. system deserves its own writeup. The reasons expat fret so much over the choice of school is not only a desire to secure the best education for their children during the next several years, but how they fit back into life at home once the expat assignment is over.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Aaaah, Mother's Day. It's such a great idea, but it always has the potential to break your heart. In theory, this is the day of paying tribute to all that we've done for our offspring over the course of an entire year. In truth, we should all know not to expect all that much from Mother's Day. You can't have your expectations disappointed if there were none.


First World Problem: How to Spread Two Cars Between Three Teenagers

What screams privilege louder than indulging your three teenagers with not one but TWO entire cars at their disposal? If you live in America, that is exactly the kind of situation your typical suburban mother will wring her hands over. In her defense, she's kicked those three teenagers in their collective butt to go and be responsible and find jobs, and now they need to have transport to and fro.