Two Countries, Two Churches, One Wrong

When I started writing this blog post a few months ago, I had no idea that this topic would once again be at the forefront of our nation's conscience. That once again unspeakable evil would occur in the basement of a church. That this post would not merely be an anecdote comparing the histories of two countries I had the privilege to live in, but that it would have to shine a light on all the work still ahead of us in these countries today.


A Shout-Out to Benoni

It seems like ancient history now, but you might remember that one of the first things I did after arriving in Johannesburg with my family was to go find myself a car. Because all the other errands of getting settled in as an expat were extremely cumbersome without one.



Racism in South Africa

I realize that this title alone will generate controversy, without me having written a single word. Not just in South Africa but everywhere around the world, this little word is enough to stir strong emotions, one way or another. I won’t even pretend to cover this topic comprehensively – ...