The Birds and the Bees and the Lions Too

mating lions in Botswana

So we go on the first one WITHOUT kids, and what should we get to see the very first afternoon at Banoka Bush Camp? Mating lions. In fact, it’s the first time we’ve seen anything mate in the wild. If you don't count the odd dragon flies over our pool. Opportunity missed. With the kids here, we could have had the entire birds and bees conversation right there.


Apparently Botswana is not in Africa

If our arrival in Maun is anything to go by, our stay in Botswana is going to be out-of-this-world extraordinary.

Although I should mention that we’re travelling without kids for an entire week. I’ve often said that I’d go ANYWHERE without kids. Just imagine – no last minute screaming at the house because Sunshine can’t find Billy. No ghastly realization halfway to the airport that we’ve forgotten the Drammamine. No confiscated scissors at security, or being whisked off to be checked for explosives because we brought a suspicious looking light-up bouncy ball. No having to pretend mid-air that these are someone else’s children when two of them start throwing up because we’ve forgotten the Drammamine. No squabbles over the window seat. No spilled apple juice on your lap. No “I HAVE to go to the bathroom” while we’re waiting at security. No “when do we get there’s” whatsoever.

Even so, our arrival at Maun International Airport – a big word – is exceptionally smooth as African arrivals go. We step into the crowded entrance hall ... 


Stalking the Elusive Leopard

Klaserie is a private game reserve adjacent to Kruger Park, neither of them fenced in, meaning every living thing wandering around the fabled Kruger Park is perfectly at leisure to saunter on over to Klaserie Game Reserve. Somehow this makes viewing the animals extra special. With Kruger Park being one of the best spots in South Africa to see leopards, we had high hopes for Klaserie.


Jamila Lodge

Jamila Lodge has everything you could ask from a luxury lodge for your African safari destination. It’s situated on top of a hill with stunning views all around and a cool breeze wafting up from the valley, the service and food are excellent, and we particularly enjoyed the hot tub right on our own private deck. It's located in Welgevonden Game Reserve only a few hours from Johannesburg.