Top Five Scary Things About Living in South Africa

hadeda on green lawn in Johannesburg

For expats moving to South Africa, the list of scary things you're led to believe will happen to you there is long and grisly. Smash-n-grabs, carjackings, hacked off limbs - you will find dire warnings of all of those when searching the Internet. So we thought you might enjoy a humorous break from the gruesome. Nevertheless a warning: contains disturbing pictures!


Some Like it Hot

In Johannesburg, not only flying ants but also their wingless brethren are a nuisance. As in other countries, our ants love to keep aphids as pets, and these little suckers ruin your plants. Not good. Ants also love to raid your kitchen and your cat food. Not good either. They build their nests underneath the skirting in your living room. You guessed it, not good. What to do?


Attack in the Twilight

Picture yourself on a balmy evening in October, a few days after the first spring rains; the sky is a dark blue, slowly turning to twilight; you are on your patio drinking in the scene. Suddenly, they are all over you: masses of flying insects buzzing around your head, landing in your food, or desperately paddling in your drink. The creature in question is an ant; a flying ant.


Should I Get Pest Control?

(or: Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!)

As I am now – about two weeks into our new life here – on my third bottle of Doom (or rather Mortein Target, which even though it came recommended I find less powerful than Doom, in that it only kills but does not seem to create a barrier for future invasions), researching pest control options ...