35 Essential Items to Bring Back from South Africa

variety of biltong on display at Woolworth in South Africa

Prompted by my husband's trip to South Africa I posted a request on the Joburg Expat Facebook page to list essential items to bring back from South Africa. I wanted to make sure he didn't forget anything. I got an overwhelming response in just a few hours. Everyone just typed what first came to their mind, and it turned into a list both useful and hilarious.


What’s in YOUR (Expat) Suitcase?

jars of marmite on shelf

Even though most Brits (and also Australians) I know are VERY loyal to their Marmite, even a single ONE of those jars would be one too many in our household. But it's hard to imagine that our family would ever complain about having too many Nutella jars. Here is a list of must-have things for your expat suitcase.


Your Typical Errand in South Africa

For the first few weeks in South Africa, most expats fight a valiant fight, flailing their arms and willing things to happen NOW, not JUST NOW or even NOW NOW. But in the end, South Africa wins, so that eventually you are totally resigned to the fact that an errand, any errand, will always take the better part of a day, if not week, even if it is ever so small.


Ordering From Amazon in South Africa, Take Two

My 2012 blog post Ordering from Amazon in South Africa is one of the most read stories on Joburg Expat. Because so many people seem to rely on it, and because it's already four years old, it needs a makeover to reflect changes since then. The thing that's not changed, just to get that out of the way: There is still no Amazon in South Africa as in Amazon.co.za.


The Expat Shopper in Johannesburg

shopping in South Africa

Because I don't love shopping, I've become really good at making it efficient. Especially as a newly-arrived expat, you need to know where to buy your steaks, your chocolate chips, your converter plugs. Especially your converter plugs, if you live in a country like South Africa where all the power outlets are wrong, no matter where you've come from. Here is a list of where to get what.


The New Dainfern Square Shopping Centre

Now that the new Dainfern Square has opened not far from it, on the corner of William Nicol and Broadacres Drive, I have retroactive pangs of jealousy about all the great stuff I missed out on so close to our doorstep. Thanks to today's guest blogger Debbie Spazzoli, here is a rundown of what Dainfern Square has to offer.