Are There Public Libraries in Johannesburg?

Norscot Manor has exactly the same selection of books as my childhood library, except a lot smaller. If you're happy with anything written before 1970, it is not so bad. It uses exactly the same system of stamps to remind you when your book is due. The librarian might look nothing like the bespectacled German lady of my childhood, but she gave me the same look of barely surpassed reprimand.


Safari as Food

I recently came across this picture in a Johannesburg supermarket (thanks Bing!):

So I thought I should match each of those pate cans with pictures I took of the actual animals you’ll be eating. I’m not judging. Just filling in the missing pictures.


You’ll have to ... 


Searching for Applesauce in Johannesburg

I’d like to shed a few more thoughts on local food, or, rather, the process of acquiring it. It’s the weirdest things I have trouble finding here in South Africa. I wouldn’t have been offended if there was no Nutella, or lemongrass, or Tahini, or any kind of ethnic food. Yet those things are surprisingly easy to find in most supermarkets. The trouble began with applesauce.


African Crafts

african crafts at Rosebank rooftop market in johannesburg

The Rosebank Rooftop Market on Sunday is a flea market where you'll find the gaudy and useless, but also a huge collection of African crafts. Stalls upon stalls of wares crammed onto the roof of Rosebank Mall, from wooden masks to drums, spears, paintings, clothing, incense, soap, spices, beaded figurines, stone carvings, woven grass baskets, cheese, painted ostrich eggs, and more.


Frustration Revisited

*** Note: I have since been able to find both Swim-Ear and electric toothbrushes, even rubbing alcohol which is called surgical spirits, at a large pharmacy chain called Dis-Chem. ***

Things had been looking up quite a bit, over 2 weeks into our life here, but now I feel like venting again. (Read ... 


The Second Shopping Trip

School Uniforms:

Today was a Saturday, which meant that we’d have our own car (or actually, a rental car, a little old Toyota, because the company car hasn’t materialized yet either) which we would have to cram into for a trip to Fourways Shopping Centre and the school uniform store. The name of ...