South Africa: Living in a “Sketchy” Country

Sketchy situation in Africa: being stranded in Namibia with a flat tire

In my 15-year old daughter's world, "sketchy" is the new word of the day. Sketchy is a catchall label for any situation that might be uncomfortable in the slightest. It makes me think of our life in South Africa, where a large portion of what happened to me can be defined as sketchy. Driving into the township of Alexandra to take home the baseball coach I had just met: Sketchy.


35 Essential Items to Bring Back from South Africa

variety of biltong on display at Woolworth in South Africa

Prompted by my husband's trip to South Africa I posted a request on the Joburg Expat Facebook page to list essential items to bring back from South Africa. I wanted to make sure he didn't forget anything. I got an overwhelming response in just a few hours. Everyone just typed what first came to their mind, and it turned into a list both useful and hilarious.


Greetings from a #Shithole Country

shithole country South Africa vs USA

In light of recent comments by the American President about African countries and their people, here is a look at one of those African countries. South Africans possess many unique attributes that we should welcome in any immigrant, if he or she even chooses to leave their beautiful country in order to move to another whose president loves to hurl insults at the rest of the world.


Thank You South Africa

biltong in biltong maker

My recent migration of blogging platforms gave me an opportunity to speed-read through Joburg Expat. This gave me an excellent bird's-eye view of what South Africa has done for our family. Our lives are richer for having lived in Johannesburg for three years, gone to school there, and traveled the continent. Thank you South Africa for everything, starting with biltong.


Time for Your New Year’s Resolutions: 7 Things to Put on Your South Africa Bucket List for 2017

As expats, we know how quickly things can change. You might be recalled to where you came from or be sent to another continent at a moment's notice. And as expats, we also know that regret about opportunities missed is one of the burdens we often bear heavily. As you begin implementing your New Year's Resolutions for 2017, take a look at this South Africa Bucket List.