A Must Have for Expats

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One of the most profound lifestyle changes we were subjected to when moving to South Africa was the way we consumed books. Back home in the United States,  going to the library had been a regular family ritual. Books were abundant and free, and everyone read to their heart's content. Not so in South Africa. This is why you need and Audible subscription as an expat.


What Makes a Good Traveler?

woman from behind looking at flight schedule at airport

As an expat, I often reflect on which qualities make a good expat. But what is true for expats is also true for travel companions. The hilarious travel memoir "What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding" elaborates on a certain less-than ideal travel companion and gives excellent advice in form of a list "you use when interviewing your next potential trip partner."




Nothing, at age 13, is fun and glory - it's all about pimples, insecurity, and heartbreak. The Spud trilogy tells it all beautifully, viewed through the eyes of the teenager John "Spud" Milton who receives a scholarship to one of South Africa's prestigious boarding schools, Michaelhouse. It's a great read about a schoolboy's life in South Africa.


Exclusive: Interview with Tony Park, Africa’s New Wilbur Smith

interview with Tony Park by Joburg Expat

Tony Park is an Australian author who writes novels set in southern Africa, with a focus on South Africa. His books are sold around the world with two, Ivory and The Delta, so far available in the U.S.  He recently launched his 13th novel, Red Earth, which is set in KwaZulu Natal. He is a fellow expat, spending six months of every year in Africa where he has a house near the Kruger Park.


Repatriating Expats: How to Survive Losing your Live-In Maid

You know the saying Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all? Well, I think it might be the opposite in the case of domestic help. Losing your maid after returning to a land where live-in domestic help was last affordable in the 1950s is so painful, so utterly despair-inducing, that you might be better off never having enjoyed a helper in your home in the first place.