More on Traffic – When You Get Pulled Over

Ha! I am gleefully reporting that I am NOT the first in our family to receive a traffic ticket here in Joburg. This is definitely going against the trend established during our previous moves, where I was (unfairly!) singled out for the most obscure traffic violations. This is Noisette’s story from the other night:

It was a Friday (duh!, he was later told by friends, Fridays are ALWAYS the days the cops are out, as they’re looking for a quick buck before the weekend) and as always traffic was backed up coming from the office. In an effort to get on the highway quicker, Noisette did what he (and on other days ... 


Security and Crime

If you’re moving to South Africa, this is probably your number one concern, so I’ll share the few insights I’ve so far gained. Not that I’ve gotten much of a sample yet, because any security problem you might encounter would happen when driving into a not so safe area, and I haven’t even ... 


Frustration Revisited

*** Note: I have since been able to find both Swim-Ear and electric toothbrushes, even rubbing alcohol which is called surgical spirits, at a large pharmacy chain called Dis-Chem. ***

Things had been looking up quite a bit, over 2 weeks into our life here, but now I feel like venting again. (Read ... 


Driving on the Left Side

This, oddly, has not been a source of frustration. You’d think that having to switch sides, on top of all the other issue with moving to a new country, would be a major hassle. But I have to admit I’m actually enjoying that part. It’s almost like you’re back in your late teens, fairly new ... 


Joburg Traffic

Traffic in Johannesburg is bad. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, trying to sugarcoat it. Granted, there is a lot of construction going on building up to the World Cup in June (and everyone keeps insisting it will all be finished in time but I find this highly unlikely at the speed at which things ... 


Should I Get Pest Control?

(or: Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!)

As I am now – about two weeks into our new life here – on my third bottle of Doom (or rather Mortein Target, which even though it came recommended I find less powerful than Doom, in that it only kills but does not seem to create a barrier for future invasions), researching pest control options ... 


South African Food

I just got a note home from Impatience’s class about her class social next week, and I had to pick if she wanted to eat “boerewors” or “prego roll.” Must be the equivalent of hamburger and hot dog?

The yoghurt here is a pleasure. Finally something better on offer than fat free! Absolutely ... 



I will now indulge in a little bit of whining, if you don’t mind (please bear in mind that my blog is several weeks behind, because it took a while to get the internet up and running, another frustration).

March 10, 2010:

The kids were dragging their feet much more the second day of school than the ... 


Red Robot

Today I reveal the mystery of what South Africans mean when they talk about a "robot." If you are a newly-arrived expat, no doubt you've come across this term and perhaps wondered what it means. Hint: It has to do with driving your car.